Sam Newman
Sam trained and practised as a social worker, and has worked across social and care in a variety of management positions for 20 years. Getting really excited by the possibilities of personalisation, Sam branched out and set up Partners for Change – dedicated to supporting organisations to make the most of their capacity and resourses to give people real choice and control.
Freya El Baz
Freya's interest in the world of adult social care, and how to change the status quo began at the Department of Health, where she worked in the Putting People First team whilst reading for her MSc in Political Sociology at LSE. Since then, Freya has worked within the world of branding, innovation and social research and brings all of these skills and passion for change and a better world to Partners for Change.
Karen Wright
After 28 years of working in the Adult Social Care sector council side and in particular a champion of personalisation over the last 17 years. Karen joined Partners 4 Change April 2016. Realising that continuing to focus on managing demand by constant reviewing of services and sign posting people away is not sustainable and doesn't deliver the duties of the Care Act 2014. She is excited to disrupt & innovate in the sector, and is already seeing positive changes in the local authorities she is working with!
Matt Scholes
Matt spent 15 years in Adult Social Care within a North West authority before joining Partners 4 Change in 2015. Matt enjoys helping organisations reap the rewards when they adopt new approaches and new ways of thinking. He is always keen to join the coal face and support the teams and social care staff who are the true innovators.
Rachel Richardson-Wright
Rachel joined Partners4Change after having had direct experience of managing and delivering the 3 Conversation methodology through a multi disciplinary approach within a GP surgery. She is a trained Occupational Therapist with 29 years' experience of working in Adult Social Care including all levels of practice and management. She is keen to innovate within the sector, and has experience with ensuring that practice can change in order to deliver positive and sustainable outcomes to individuals and their supporters – as well as for organisations at the front line.
Andrew Morley

Andrew has 26 years management experience in a range of Local Authority roles and has been working in Adult Social Care since gaining his MSc in Public Management in 2005.  Subsequently he has managed a number of frontline teams and led various projects, most of which aimed to improve public access and build closer connections with Health & the Voluntary Sector. He has a strong commitment to simplifying services to improve the experience of the people using these and also for the staff working within them and is happiest when he's helping people realise that they already have the answers to the problems they are struggling with.

Vijay Chandrasekaran

Vijay spent the last 11 years with various public sector data teams in translating raw data into meaningful business stories. He is passionate about data storytelling and building relationships for effective collaboration.

🔸P4C is working with a number of councils that are all making the shift from an emphasis on eligibility and assessment for services, to a more ‘good lives’ focused approach. All are working out how to support people to help themselves and get on with their own independent lives, as people and families in neighbourhoods and communities.

🔸P4C is best known for long term support programmes, supporting senior managers and staff to really do something different. This is not traditional consultancy, but close to a coaching and mentoring approach to help implement real change that has a tangible impact on people and families who need support to get on with their lives.
In particular, P4C has developed a specific approach to ensuring that change really happens – in a way which dynamically involves front-line staff and managers in the design and development of the new approach – which is exciting, engaging and delivers results – together with compelling evidence that no-one can ignore.

🔸P4C has a small number of employees and a much larger network of trusted and skilled associates. It also has a Scottish arm (P4C Scotland) that has a particular focus on high quality support to children’s services.

🔸Whether you’d like to find out more about our work, or book in an initial conversation with you, we would love to hear from you and your social care organisation. Please feel free to email us via our email addresses (above), or of course via any social media channel of your choice.