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Transforming Lives: A New Approach to Social Work and Adult Social Care in Cambridgeshire

  • Helping to develop Cambridge County Council’s ‘Transforming
  • Lives’ programme based on our 3-conversation model.
  • Supporting the development of governance for their programme
  • Helping them socialise their ideas with their organisation, politicians and partners.
  • Identifying innovation sites
  • Supporting their innovation work in their sites.

Cambridge County Council developed their ‘transforming lives’ programme based on our 3-conversation model.  They publicised it as ‘the end of care management’ to reclaim social work. We supported them in their work for 12 months, helping them to establish their programme and operate a number of innovation sites.

Their most successful innovation site was in learning disability where one of their community teams operated a fantastic innovation site (see blog) and came up with a number of pieces of learning:

  • We now have conversations based on what people want to tell us rather than what we want to ask them
  • We have stopped using our access assessment to decide if someone has a learning disability and whether we will talk to them – we just started a conversation
  • We have had great success working with people differently, including people who would have been designated as high risk, now living fulfilling lives in their community.