True, honest and committed collaboration is at the heart of our success

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Partners for Change helps local authorities and other organisations work out how to deliver on the promises of personalisation, while dealing with the pressures of financial austerity.

The ‘3 conversation’ Approach

The Partners for Change approach, developed in partnership with a number of councils, has demonstrated how you can give a better deal to people and families who need support, create liberating and exciting jobs for staff, and also dramatically reduce the costs of the overall social care system. The 3 conversations approach is a great way of delivering on the demands and opportunities of the Care Act 2014.

Focussed on making it happen

The ‘3 conversations’ isn’t just a nice idea. We have honed a unique methodology for rapidly and intensively making this new approach happen - through co-design and engagement in our innovation sites.

Data driven

We bring a set of proven ideas based on our ‘3 conversation approach’, and the tools to implement them, backed up by compelling evidence from councils which have already benefited from our coaching and support.

What to expect

Satisfaction from people and families needing support, increases – the offer is responsive, speedy and focussed. Spending decreases – particularly the amount of money spent on long-term care packages. We have found that working in this way means that the conversion rate from contact to formal care package can halve. Worker satisfaction increases – people feel liberated to use their creativity and their common sense, and to do the job they were trained to do, and as a result, productivity is significantly raised.