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Oct 27, 2023

This week Rachel, a final year Social Work Student in Blackpool, shares her thoughts on being in an innovation site and tells a story of  … more

Sept 28, 2023

This week Daksha interviews Chrissie, a Social worker from one of the innovation sites in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, about her experience of the 3 Conversations … more

July 8, 2019

Each week we will take turns in giving you a little update of how the innovation site is going…

July 26, 2018

By Bryony Shannon, Practice Development Officer, Sheffield City Council

 “If you really want to change practice then you have to adopt a new language”
Sam Newman, Director, Partners4Change…

July 20, 2017

By Rachel Richardson-Wright, Partners4Change

Occupational Therapists (OT) are interested in how a person interacts with their environment, and the impact that this has on their daily life…

November 1, 2016

By Andrew Cole (Guardian article)

October 1, 2016

By Lyn Romeo: Chief Social Worker for Adults at the Department of Health

September 26, 2016

By Sam Newman, Partners4Change

In these hope-sapping days of austerity in social care and health there are some who say that the system is starved of money and just needs some more to be ok, lots more, and that the system contains the…

July 26, 2016

By Charlotte Kirin, Team Manager, East Cambridgeshire

East Cambs Learning Disability team have been using The Three Conversations® to rethink completely how they do their work…

July 26, 2016

By Sam Newman, Partners4Change

As an ex-head of a large joint health and social care learning disability partnership, with a budget of more than £50 million and a workforce of over 1,000, I used to take my life in my hands when I stood up and said: ‘There is nothing special about learning disability’…

May 19, 2016

By Matt Scholes, Partners4Change

Ever been in a meeting where you feel like – well, like ending it all? A meeting so dull, ineffective and frustrating that you just want to bite down hard on the cyanide capsule they installed under your back left molar on your first day?…

February 26, 2016

By Sam Newman, Partners4Change

When the Chancellor recently announced he had signed up four government departments for 30% cuts as part of the next spending round, I was convinced local government would not be one of them. It was…

February 5, 2016

By Sam Newman, Partners4Change

The public sector is regularly accused of hiding behind clichés and jargon, particularly when it comes to claims of improving services, while simultaneously cutting costs…

January 2, 2016

By Sam Newman, Partners4Change

A number of councils realise they have become, as one director put it, “assessment for services factories”. Guards are placed on the door – in the shape of ‘one number’ contact functions (call centres)…