The 3C’s and The Care Act

We are often asked if the Three Conversations is Care Act compliant.  We think that adoption of our golden rules, and the culture change that accompanies that, often goes a lot further towards meeting the core values of the Care Act than the process based compliance tools used in many places.  This download shows how the Three Conversations aligns with specific sections of the Act.

The Three Conversations and CQC assessment

In November 2022, over 20 Local Authorities who use the Three Conversations approach came together for a Web discussion event, hosted by Partners4Change, to discuss how the evidence of practice gathered through Three Conversation working would support those authorities to provide the information expected to be requested by the Care Quality Commission in their new Local Authority Assessment work.  A copy of the discussion slides and suggestions from the breakout groups are available below.

Since then we have seen the results of the first round of CQC assessments and have developed new guidance which looks at each of the CQC assessment themes in turn and offers our perspective and partner feedback on how using the Three Conversations approach supports these.

Here are some videos made by Partners4Change and by some of our clients.

You can find many more on our Youtube channel if you click here.

rachel’s experience of the 3c’s – a student’s view

The 3 Conversations - Questions and Answers

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rachel’s experience of the 3c’s – a student’s view

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