As part of the evaluation of Blackpool Council’s first 3 Conversations innovation site we had the opportunity to talk with Rachel, a final year social work student, about her experiences of using the 3 Conversations approach.  Together we made a short video in which she shares a story of difference about a man nearing the end of his life and her work with him and his wife to support them in a way which was based on their wishes at the time, rather than bombarding them with support.

Towards the end of our discussion, Rachel explained that she had always seen herself as working in a person a centred way but that it wasn’t until she started using the 3 Conversation approach that she realised how much she had been led by the process whereas now she thinks more about the people, their lives and what’s important to them, not about her agenda or ticking a box and moving on.

The whole innovation site were inspirational and a pleasure to work with and it’s great to see how this approach supports the aspirations and developing practice of students and newly qualified staff along with more experienced workers.

Watch the video below