I just wanted to share with you some of the recent work that Partners4Change have been doing, and how we believe that our approach and way of working is more important than ever before.  Since Covid we’ve seen the already high demands on Adult Social Care only increase as the cost of living crisis, health waiting lists and pressure on budgets and other resources results in more and more people struggling to live independently, let alone to live the lives they would wish.

Throughout this period, Partners4Change has continued to work with forward thinking and deeply committed Local Authorities who feel the only answer is to take a radical approach and who have seen the Three Conversations as a key part of their response.  Partners4Change have recently finished some long-term work with both Newcastle and the Wirral, both of whom are either in the process of extending the approach throughout their service or have already done so.  We have also been working with Blackpool for the last 12 months and have seen some fantastic changes and results from their first group of innovation sites.  With new innovation sites going live this week in Sefton, and work underway in Tameside and also Middlesbrough to seek volunteers to get involved in a new way of working, we are more convinced than ever that the only way to respond to the overwhelming pressures in the current system is to take the human approach and put relationships before processes.

In 2022 we facilitated a workshop with representatives from 20 local authorities to consider how 3 Conversation working provides a solid basis for evidencing that each organisation is taking positive action in each of the themes used as a basis for CQC assessment.  Since then, we have seen the first set of results come through, which included an inspection of Birmingham (a 3 Conversation Authority).  We have recently updated our website and on the resources page you will find a new document which shows the strong link between the 3 Conversations and the types and evidence of good practice that CQC are looking for.

If you would like to know more about the Three Conversation approach and have a discussion about how it might help, then we’d be happy to meet with you.  In the meantime, please have a look at our updated website, which includes documents and videos from our work with other Councils and continues to provide a story of hope to many.