We are a growing team with diverse experience, united by a shared passion

Partners4Change was established in 2014 when Director Sam Newman recognised that lasting change in social and health care wasn’t going to happen by applying strengths-based, person-centred approaches in a system driven by red-tape and closed doors. He knew it was time for something radically different.

Sam began exploring a new way of working in a small number of local authorities, and since then he’s been joined by a close team of associates who share his passion for igniting a revolution in social and health care.

The team have all worked in and with authorities that have adopted The Three Conversations® and therefore bring a wealth of experience not just of what works, but of the challenges, frustrations and barriers encountered along the way – and most importantly how to overcome them to make a real difference to the people and families who just want to get on with living their lives in the best possible way.

Sam Newman


Sam trained and practised as a social worker, and has worked across social and care in a variety of management positions for 20 years. Getting really excited by the possibilities of personalisation, Sam branched out and set up Partners4Change – dedicated to supporting organisations to make the most of their capacity and resourses to give people real choice and control.

Bryony Shannon


Bryony’s background is in information and communications. She gained an MSc in Information Management in 2001 and has worked in a variety of roles in local authorities, education and the charity sector, including 13 years supporting practice development in adult social care. Bryony joined Partners4Change in 2019. She enjoys creating engaging resources and presenting information in a simple, clear way. She firmly believes that language matters, and that we need to talk more about identity, love and dreams in adult social care.

Matt Scholes


Matt spent 15 years working in adult social care in a North West authority before joining Partners4Change in 2015. Matt enjoys helping organisations reap the rewards when they adopt the new approaches and new ways of thinking associated with The Three Conversations®. He’s always keen to join the coal face and support the social care staff who are the true innovators.

Cheryl Lewis

Cheryl Lewis

Cheryl is a business management consultant with over 25 years of experience of working in the public and not for profit sector. The focus of her work has been on managing large scale change projects and leading strategic human resource management services for organisations seeking to support people to live independent and fulfilling lives. She is a trained facilitator and undertakes coaching, mentoring and leadership development support to aspiring leaders in the sector. Cheryl has worked with Partners4Change for 4 years providing business management support services and client liaison. She has a keen interest in supporting organisations to put staff, volunteers and the people they support at the heart of what they do and promoting their meaningful involvement in organisational governance.

Andrew Morley


Andrew has 26 years of management experience in a range of local authority roles and has worked in adult social care since he gained his MSc in Public Management in 2005. He joined Partners4Change in 2018 and has a strong commitment to simplifying services to improve the experience of the people they support and the staff working within them. Andrew is happiest when he’s helping people realise that they already have the answers to the problems they are struggling with.